— TINA PASHUMATI JAMES.  Founder Loka Yoga.

Tina Pashumati James & Chance

Photo: Mark Teasdale

Tina Pashumati James 

Tina Pashumati James: is a Teachers Teacher, wild child of Yoga, 30 years of study, Teaching, Sharing sacred ceromony every day and living beautifully. 

My beloved student Tina James: “Tina James lives a committed life doing all she can to make her time on Earth one that enhances the lives of others. She has devoted herself to service without attachment to reward for her own sake.
She will do anything to ensure the safety, happiness and liberation of another.
She will not only climb mountains, swim oceans and walk deserts to get to someone who is in need, which she has done, but she also has invested her precious time in the practice of yoga, meditation and Sanskrit in order to gain the necessary knowledge and wisdom to enable her to truly be of service to others.

She does not restrict her help to only lost skiers on the snowy Canadian slopes. She will come to the aid of anyone and everyone who needs her, including but not limited to humans, dogs, cats, bears, and even trees. She knows how to be tough as well as gentle according to the circumstances.

She exemplifies the definition of a yogi that Shri Krishna provides in the Bhagavad Gita: “A true yogi has equanimity of mind and has equal regard for all beings.

She perceives the holiness in everyone. She hates no creature, she is friendly and compassionate, patient and forgiving and is not attached to possessions or ego and is indifferent to pain and pleasure. “ Tina James is a powerful Jivamukti Yoga Teacher who walks her talk.

-Sharon Gannon co-creator of the Jivamukti Yoga Method.

Tina is my student for about 18 years she did many Teacher Training with me and also she Assist me in my workshops I strongly recommended her
— Manju Pattabhi jois -European academy of Ashtanga yoga Eu/U.K.

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