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  • Higher Health Bay 13 & 15a, 36 Riedel Street Fort McMurray, Alberta, T9H3E1 Canada (map)

Join us at Higher Health Yoga Studio for a wonderful Ashtanga 70 hour Yoga Intensive with one of the most respected and fierce International Yoga Instuctors, TIna James is one of the only certified Ashtanga Teachers  in Canada from the European Ashtanga institute, Manju Jois.  Tina will bring her wonderful assitant Victoria Grace. Even if you are new to yoga or have been wanting to deepen your practice this is for you! Limited Space. 


October 12-16, 2017


October 12th Thursday 8am-11:30am, 1:30-5pm

October 13th Friday 8am-11:30am, 1:30-5pm

October 14th Saturday 8am-10am, 1:30-4pm, 7-9:30pm

October 15th Sunday 8am-10am, 1:30-4pm, 7-9:30pm

October 16th Monday 8am-11:30am, 1:30-5pm


Investment: $999.00 + tax

70 hour Yoga Intensive Yoga Alliance Certified on its own or toward Tina Pashumati James Yoga Teacher Training

35 Hours Studio Time

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This Ashtanga Yoga intensive program is for people who want to deepen their life with the teachings of Yoga. Our intensive course offers people the opportunity to access traditional teachings from the Ashtanga Lineage as taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and his eldest son, Manju P. Jois. The Practice Of The Wild also accesses authentic teachings from the First Nations Elders.


Traditionally, we are taught that to develop and deepen, we need to practice and study. These are the two wings of the bird and we need both to fly. This intensive training provides a balance of study and practice, creating a clear path to becoming a more caring and confident person.


This training is designed for those interested in learning the traditional Ashtanga Yoga method, with a Jivamukti flavour, as Tina Pashumati James is one of the few senior advanced Jivamukti teachers in the world. Each session will include a led and mysore style class with individual yoga therapy help and guidance, adjustment training, pranayama, vedic peace chanting and Q&A on ethics and lifestyle. Sacred ceremonies shared by local First Nations elders will be interwoven throughout the intensive.


“My goal is to create good teachers that are humble and egolessness. Teachers who make the students laugh instead of making them afraid. That is the pure yoga tradition. Keep it simple.” -Manju P. Jois


Note: 70 hour intensive each. People can apply hours towards continuing education.


Instructor Bios:


Tina is the owner director of Loka Yoga Whistler, and is an Ashtanga and Advanced Certified Jivamukti Yoga teacher, and is known for her chanting, choreographic sequencing, and knowledge of the subtle body. Widely considered to be a "teacher's teacher," she transmits the Jivamukti lineage as a mentor at the Jivamukti teacher training and running many of her own teacher trainings over the last 10 years.

Tina’s class’s are infused with humor, a vigorous practice, as well as major rehab for serious injuries, and a different approach to assisting for total self-transformation.

Incorporating vigorous flow sequences, along with an integration of yogic philosophy, chanting, and strong emphasis on activism and ethical vegetarianism, Tina’s classes create a shift in perception where magic rises. Each of her dynamic and vigorous classes inspires students to honor and connect to body and spirit. Students regularly note the playful element of her classes and her deep sense of humor. She is known for her impassioned, unique teachings & dynamic classes, with attention to detail, precise alignment and a strong sense of empowerment.

Tina has a clear vision of a community where knowledge and spiritual activism could create a space of healing, whilst working with indigenous cultures side by side to re-create ancient rituals and ceremonies.

Tina works on whistler ski patrol and is a keen alpine mountaineer, all her inspiration comes from the mountains and the wild and all the beings that inhabit this beautiful blue planet.

Tina humbly offers reverence and gratitude to her Gurus Sharon Gannon-ji and David-ji, for their attention to detail, courage, political activism and radical natures, wisdom, guidance and pure love.

To her parents who words cannot suffice; her sons for their true love and support always; Tina’s life practices are integrated with ancient healing, yoga, adventure, animal activism, Veganism, planetary awareness and political action.

To her first teacher Shri K. Pattabhi Jois and his son Manju Jois, and direct lineage from Jivamukti to Shri Brahmanada Sarasvati, Shri Swami Nirmalananda and Shri K. Pattabhi Jois.

To all her yoga students of the past and present who come to their mat and show up unapologetically. This method of yoga brings out all that is perfect in both teachers and students, so that we may see this perfection in others.

And most of all knowing that: “The fork can be a powerful weapon of mass destruction or a tool to create peace on earth”. –Sharon Gannon.



Victoria Grace is blessed and grateful to be able to learn and teach in the mountainous landscapes of Whistler, BC, alongside her beloved teacher and mentor, Tina Pashumati James, whose devotion, perseverance, sweet kindness, and wisdom steeped in the yoga and First Nations teachings have shaped her in the most transformational ways. The union with the Divine Source, the Creator, God, has led her to devote my life to the journey of yoga. Her passion for journeying inwards through Sacred Ceremony is undeniable. There is always a place for adventuring back to Self through diligent and devoted yogic and shamanic practices that also include breathwork and sound. It is a sacred gift to celebrate and bear witness to the effervescence of each holy being. The multitude of people each strike a deep sense of awe, openness, gratitude, forgiveness, compassion and playfulness. Victoria Grace is developing deeper in her seva by working in the realm of women’s spirituality, dedicating her life to the sacredness of birth and birthing education. She is drawing influences from her knowledge in nutrition, bodywork, sacred ceremony and shamanic healing, weaving those into her offerings to mamas, babies, families and ultimately EVERYONE who hears the call.

Her blessed teachers, Sharon Gannon and David Life have taught her the importance of sthira sukham asanam and maitri adishu balani- our connection to the Earth should be unwavering and joyful. They have created a method that is accessible to everyone and anyone who is seeking the truth. Her teachers have guided her to treat all beings as holy beings. Talk about radical action! Kindness and compassion towards ourselves and towards all beings allow us to come from a place where we are able to empower and encourage each other to co-create our own freedom and healing through unconditional love.

Tina Pashumati james wants to preserve the old teachings from her beloved Teacher. Be kind Be kind Be kind.

Shantih Shantih Shantih

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