Virtual privates.


It all started when i joined the Virtual world.


World wide Yoga sessions, 6 week packages.

One-On-One Sessions Skype With Tina Pashumati James.

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Tina is currently accepting a limited number of private students. This focus provides for an exclusive and personal experience for the student and is remarkably effective and powerful. Work is done via skype and can also be in person. Sessions are 30-60 minutes.


Tina, in the traditional method for learning and developing a meditation practice, is offering private meditation instruction. Meditation, well-known as a method for releasing stress, is also a simple, yet powerful way to reconnect with our own basic sanity and goodness.

Private sessions with Tina help you begin a meditation practice or renew your commitment to meditation practice; deepen your understanding of the practice and refine your technique for better results.

The practices Tina works with:

mindfulness meditation
maitri or lovingkindness meditation
Self empowerment, transcendental meditation.
custom-made methods for developing strength, stability, clarity, and a kind, open heart
You will work one-on-one with Tina once a month meditation. She offers you practice assignments and reading for you to work with between your privates.

The course is  for three months. This includes three private sessions with Tina, and the course homework (practice assignments and reading).


Private yoga lessons in the comfort and convenience of your home. Tina is available via Skype which has proven to be an effective way for privates in your home.

These private lessons are  particularly useful for those with questions about their current practice. Tina can help you modify your practice; refine and improve your alignment; connect the dots of confusion by helping you deconstruct obstacles, and, in general, give you new ways to move your practice forward. If you don’t like practicing in a group, or your schedule doesn’t allow it, this is a great way to do your own personal practice with a private teacher.

The course is $400 USD  320 POUNDS and includes three monthly privates (one per month) with Tina along with course work including personalized sequences she’s created for you and reading. 

Tina teach’s privates weekly all around the world 60min session. Taylor made. 

6  week sessions 150.00  USD x  6 sessions = 900.00 USD English pounds 690.00



The best yoga teachers, grounded in method and technique, are able to spontaneously offer each student a personal and beneficial yoga experience.  Realizing this level of potent teaching requires a lot of practice based on targeted, insightful feedback from a masterful, compassionate teacher.

Tina works with both new and seasoned teachers, identifying their obstacles and offering bespoke solutions.

New Teachers will gain a better understanding of what it takes to create a class, communicate effectively with students, and grow their client base.

Seasoned teachers will be offered exercises to get unstuck and discover fresh approaches to their current offering.  Learn to clarify your vision and develop practical ways of manifesting that vision through your own personalized instructions and creative sequencing.

Sessions with Tina include a diverse range of issues, such as:

how to teach inversions
how to work with a special populations
how to manage a mixed level class
how to create contracts
how to teach without props
how to evolve creative and sensible sequencing
how to find your own inspiring language
how to maintain your personal practice and motivation
Coaching is done via video review and one-on-one coaching with Tina


Skype sessions:

Bring your questions and concerns to the session.

Cost is $150/hour. USD   100 pounds per hour 



1.  You videotape one of your classes for Tina to review.

Tina watches you teach and gives you feedback to help you further grow and refine your teaching skill sets. This one-on-one feedback/coaching session is via Skype.

2. You videotape another class of yours implementing Tina's suggestion

Tina will review this class and give you feedback.

Cost: $550 USD   430 pounds.  This includes two class reviews and two (60min) one-on-one individualized sessions with Tina.



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